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(a) A pedagogical framework for Physical Literacy
A conceptual framework will be created for the development of the Physical Literacy learning material for students and teachers.

For the Consolidated report of the Teaching and Learning pedagogical framework for Physical Literacy report, click here.

(b) Physical Literacy e-book
The e-book will include 8 learning activities for Physical education students and it will be available in English, Greek, Italian and French. This e-book can be used by Higher Education Institutions as part of the future Physical education teachers' preparation. 

(c) Digital Game
A software in the form of mobile app will be developed and supported in three platforms Android, iPhone, and Web.

(d) e-Platform
An e-platform will be developed with interactive learning materials and a gamified approach for the promotion of the Pysical Literacy among university students and other beneficiaries (e.g. primary school teachers etc). The e-platform will host the e-book, 2 comic books and 3 interactive learning units.

Working Together on Project
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