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Our physical literacy journey

5 Apr 2023

Our physical literacy journey starts when we are born as we learn from interacting physically with our environment. This carries on throughout life and is influenced by our experiences, opportunities and capabilities. Our parents can help us develop our physical competence, knowledge and understanding about physical activity, our confidence in different physical activities and our motivation to be physically active. Our teacher at school, coaches in the community, and friends, can all help us develop our physical literacy throughout our lives. Take time to reflect on your personal journey. Who or what has influenced you to be physically active, or not to be physically active. Where are you currently on your physical literacy journey? 

A. Are you motivated to take part in physical activity, applying yourself to physical activity tasks with interest and enthusiasm and persevering through challenging situations in physical activity environments.

B. Are you confident in relation to your ability to make progress in learning new tasks and activities and  do you feel confident that these experiences will be rewarding.

C. Do you move with poise, economy and effectiveness in a wide variety of challenging situations.

D. Are you thoughtful and sensitive in appreciating all aspects of the physical environment, responding appropriately with imagination and creativity.

E. Do you have the ability to work independently and with others, in physical activities in both co-operative and competitive situations.

F. Do you have the ability to identify and explain the essential qualities that influence the effectiveness of movement performance.

G. Do you understand why health and wellbeing are important for a rich and balanced lifestyle.

H. Do you have the self-assurance and self-esteem to take responsibility for choosing physical activity for life.


Nigel Green, Chair of the International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA)

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