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ePhyLi Kick-off meeting

31 Mar 2023

The meeting was attended in person by participants from 4 countries (Italy, France, Luxembourg and Cyprus) representing 6 partner organisations (UCLan Cyprus, UNIBZ, University of Luxembourg, GX, Infinitivity Design Labs, EUPEA).

During the meeting, the consortium set the key milestones of the project, determined the management and communication methods between the partners, analysed the project’s deliverables and the dissemination strategy and set the next steps for the project implementation. 

Specifically, during the first day, the consortium partners reviewed the project’s workplan and the Work Packages (WPs) 2,3, and 4 with an emphasis on WP2 Physical Literacy learning material and the procedures that will be followed for the preparation of the theoretical framework of the project that is centered on the concept of physical literacy. 

On the second day, the meeting focused on the management and coordination activities of the project, including dissemination and communication, quality assurance and internal evaluation and data management.

In order to strengthen the ties among the consortium members, social activities also took place. All partners gathered all together in a nice restaurant and enjoyed a dinner based on local food and beverages.

ePhyLi results

• A pedagogical framework for Physical Literacy

• Physical Literacy e-book

• Digital Game (Mobile app available on Android, iPhone & Web)

• e-Platform

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Author: GrantXpert Consulting

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